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Vivian Treasury-Handmade Custom Jewelry and Accessories

Hi all,

Welcome to Vivian Treasury Boutique

My name is Violina and I am the owner of Vivian Treasury.

I am a mom of 2 fur babies my lovely cats-Kiddie and Suzy

I always have been crafty person, I used to do European Cross Stitch in my twenties

2 years ago I saw resin flower jewelry on Etsy and I bought it I loved it so much I started to research how to make it myself .

I started to buy molds, flowers, anything that may come to my mind and to tell you the truth the ideas never stop .

I make handmade custom jewelry and accessories that can be used as gifts, for celebrations, holiday theme, anniversary theme, events

Custom orders are welcome , if you have anything in mind use the contact form to message me

Thank you and I hope you enjoy my designs

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